A summary of Vorsham's biography

Birth name Mahan Mehrani
Born 14 December 2001 (age 18)
Origin Persian
Genres R&B/Soul, Hip-Hop/Rap
Occupation(s) British-Iranian rapper
Years active 2017–present
Labels  Vorsham Production, RADIO JAVAN
Associated acts Behzad Leito , ,Alireza JJ

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Mahan Mehrani (Persian: ماهان مهرانی‎; born December 14, 2001), better known by his stage name, Vorsham (Persian: ورشام‎), is an British-Iranian rapper and producer. He is one of the most popular rappers in Iran and Middle East. He has been singing since 2017. Vorsham self-distributed his tunes through his own Vorsham Production label [1]

Early life

Vorsham’s musical success is the creative flowering that follows years of dedication and hard work building up his business enterprises. He was born in Tehran in 2001 as Mahan Mehrani. Showing early promise in music, he took up the guitar and piano as a child and was soon playing professionally. He moved with family to London, United Kingdom in 2007 when he was 7 years old. He has been singing since 2017. By the age of 15, he had begun to see great results from his efforts. He then began training others to do what he did, creating more opportunities for more people, and investing in other projects to help them flourish. While studying at College , Vorsham moved naturally into software development and created an exchange system incorporating stock markets and computer games. He recently has dedicated his skills to developing the ideas of other young talents instead of developing computer games; he looks for them, helps them grow, and supports them in selling their ideas and developing their skills. Vorsham also has a music studio Which is based in London Vorsham teaches teenagers about making vocals or sound engineering He also support asylum seekers who are interested in music or talent in music for free and istributed his tunes through his own Vorsham Production label. [2]

Early Years

Vorsham started his Musical career with Nima Nimosh, his best friend in London. They produced a few unofficial singles which were never released.[1]

Musical Style

Vorsham's rap style is influenced by American rappers. His main style is Trap which is a style of Hip Hop music


Latest Album

Diss Love


New Album ‘Diss Love’ Out Now ...

Available On All Music Platform

Record Label : Vorsham Production

Artwork By : #Rahsha

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